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- By Shinobi Chef Date 2009-05-30 13:06 Edited 2010-01-04 06:05
Here are the Rules for the "The Shinobi Chef Gosu Game/App Competition 2009/2010"

1.Your  game/app/demo/library's must use Gosu(Either the Ruby or C++ Version)
2.Your game/app/demo/library's should be submitted by email by the 30th of March 2010  to the following address
or uploaded to this Thread

All games/apps/demos/library's  submitted by email will be uploaded to the Gosu Showcase in the first few days of April 2010

The Purpose of this Comp is to
1.Promote Gosu
2.Get more Full Games/Apps and Demo Games/Apps and Game Librarys that use Gosu into the Gosu Showcase
Which will help Show off Gosu's Awesome Power and also help people get to learn how to use Gosu to make games and other apps
3.Too test/see what really can be done with Gosu at its current stage of development!
- By Shinobi Chef Date 2009-06-08 14:51
Does anyone have any plans to enter the Comp?
- By Maverick Date 2009-06-08 15:39
I'm thinking about it. I'm getting my custom game framework ported to Gosu. I'll try to participate but I don't know if I'll have anything ready.
- By Shinobi Chef Date 2009-06-09 02:15
It would be great if you do enter "The Shinobi Chef Gosu Game/App Competition 2009",if you not ready for the 2009 comp you will hopefully be ready for the 2010 comp ;)

there is 198 days left until the 2009 comp closes
- By Maverick Date 2009-06-11 16:45
Meh. I guess I'm in. I'll see what I can whip up for this compo.
I'll post a link to my blog when I start so those interested can *hopefully* follow along. I need to stop procrastinating.
- By jlnr (dev) Date 2009-06-11 22:47
Maybe I'll try to finish the Mac/PC version of Terra Vera until Christmas. Would be a nice goal to have. ;)
- By psadda Date 2009-06-13 15:59
I'm in. ;)
- By Shinobi Chef Date 2009-06-14 07:36
Excellent we got a few entries :)

Looking forward to seeing what everyone can come up with

Im sure they will be great!
- By jlnr (dev) Date 2009-12-01 09:35
I have no clue where all you guys are, but BUMPing this because the deadline is close enough now that it's still possible to hurry up, buy some more coke and finish Gosu games so we all have something to play in the holiday break. :D
- By banister Date 2009-12-28 22:59 Edited 2009-12-30 04:14
I didn't get a chance to properly finish/polish this but here it is anyway:

(1) Install most recent TexPlay gem (you need version 0.2.710) -
gem update texplay or gem install texplay

(2) Grab the source from github -
git clone git://

(3) ruby selene.rb

* red platforms recharge health
* blue platforms recharge fuel
* yellow platforms temporary shield
* green platforms drop off point for rescued astronauts
* press space to shoot

aim of the game is to rescue all 5 astronauts and drop them off at a green platform
- By AmIMeYet Date 2009-12-29 14:44
Wow, Selene is looking great :)
I keep on dying though.

Is Shinobi still alive? Haven't seen him in a long time..
If this compo is still going; here's my entry:

It's very, very raw, I'm still operating on dev-art, and I'm nowhere near gameplay. I do have a vague idea of a story though..
Also still have some stolen stuff from ippa in it, such as the README.rdoc, and chingu's draw_circle I use to test my GUI.
- By Shinobi Chef Date 2009-12-29 23:21
Hey guys

yeah im still alive :)

been busy,sadly Arthur's Adventures is not ready to be released yet :(
Ill try and do some work on it very soon

the comp is still going yeah
Selene  and Cogs look great ,thanks everyone

Shinobi Chef
- By banister Date 2009-12-31 03:09
nice program, though im not sure what it's meant to do :)

one thing, you're using the very cute #each.with_index, however there already exists a #each_with_index method. The #with_index method is typically used just for the enumerable methods that dont have a *_with_index version. Also if you change it to use each_with_index you get 1.8.6 support for free :)

One other Q. what is there to do in The Hague, anything interesting to see round about or in other cities nearby?

- By AmIMeYet Date 2009-12-31 11:53
Yeah I'll probably make it so you have to retrieve a uranium rod or something, with the whole construction as an arm. But that means I'll have to introduce non-rectangular collisions, and that's not exactly something I want (nor use chipmunk only for detection), so I'll see where things go.

About #each.with_index: I couldn't find #each_with_index in the Array doc, but it turns out it's in Enumerable.
Thanks :)

Hm.. Been to the beach yet? - Scheveningen?
Or madurodam? You can always go to the tourist information ( VVV )

Back on topic, anyone else have any entries?
- By Shinobi Chef Date 2010-01-04 06:07 Edited 2010-01-04 06:09
Hey Everyone

The Shinobi Chef Gosu Game/App Competition 2009/2010 Comp has now been extended to the 30th of March 2010

This will give everyone a bit more time to work on there games/apps/library's

Hope this helps
Shinobi Chef
- By Maverick Date 2010-01-04 21:14
That's 85 more days of procrastination!
- By ippa Date 2010-01-05 13:53
I'm thinking of starting a game compo.. it goes on till you die, please submit your entries on the forums ;)
- By decrescendo Date 2010-01-13 05:44
I'm brand new here (just started messing with gosu a few days ago!), but I would love to see what I could churn out by the March deadline. Count me in!
- By jlnr (dev) Date 2010-01-13 20:08
Welcome :)

I also wonder if I can make a serious miracle happen in February :S
- By juafrlo Date 2010-01-29 09:14
Here's my entry:

It's a simple game, but at least it's a good example of what Gosu can make with a few lines. Also, some news can be read at:
- By Maverick Date 2010-02-10 23:33
Here are some screenshots of my game I'm working on for the Compo. They are showing off Oracle's in-game editor object along with some platformer mechanics. Next thing to do is basic A.I. All information regarding the game will not be announced until I have more stuff done. Enjoy. :)

Also, you cannot tell from the screenshots but there is scrolling/camera in the game. I just did not make this test level large enough for the effect to do that. Next time.
- By jlnr (dev) Date 2010-02-11 20:43
Hey, slopes. Did you find a nice way to implement them? :)
- By Maverick Date 2010-02-11 21:38
I sure did actually! I'll share my method once I get the final kinks out. Right now I'm only checking collision with a point whereas in a real game, the sprite will be checked with a rectangle collision structure. But at the rate I'm going, It shouldn't be too long. :)
- By Shinobi Chef Date 2010-02-13 02:39
Hey Maverick

your game looks great mate,ive done abit of work on Arthurs Adventures,Need to really get into it soon though

Ive worked out most of the game,just need to do/code it :)
- By Maverick Date 2010-03-07 23:13
Here's a video of the game in progress so far:
Game Progress

Just a few things to clean up!
- By jlnr (dev) Date 2010-03-08 20:53
Awesome, keeping in with the theme of shocking the player ;) (And fix your avatars, guys!)
- By Maverick Date 2010-03-08 21:31
Hey thanks! I should have a better version coming out soon, if you know what I mean. Just have to stop being distracted. :)
- By erisdiscord Date 2010-03-09 23:10
Without knowing anything about your game, I bet it's similar to the slope implementation in Sonic the Hedgehog. Maybe not. Can the character also walk up low ledges? :)

I'd like to get my hands on your collision and movement code. I've been poking around with some documentation about the Sonic collision engine but I haven't managed to turn out anything that works nicely at a reasonable speed.
- By Maverick Date 2010-03-10 01:34
Currently, there are only 4 collidable tiles ( soon to be six ):
+ = existing
- = not yet

+45 slope down left
+45 slope down right
-45 slope up left
-45 slope up right

On contact with a collidable tile, you have the option to retrieve the normal vector of it. You can use that vector to angle your character slowly and achieve something like sonic, yes.

Basically it uses a bunch of line tests against different kinds of geometry. And those geometrical shapes are, well, made up of lines, no? If lines collide, set the contact, solve for the normal, and return true.

- By erisdiscord Date 2010-03-10 01:37
Guess I was wrong actually! Sonic the Hedgehog uses two floor sensors that return, I believe, the amount of overlap between the sensor and the tile and uses those to determine whether the character is on a slope or ledge. :)
- By Maverick Date 2010-03-10 01:44
I can test on as many lines as I want! So hypothetically, TWO tests of line segments ( like two sensors ) could do the same thing!
- By erisdiscord Date 2010-03-10 01:57
You got my interest. Can you do arbitrary ray tests across the map or are they constrained to a tile? Is this done in pure ruby or is there some C magic in there too? Am I asking too many questions? :)
- By Maverick Date 2010-03-10 02:55
It's not constrained to a tile at all. The lines check if THEY hit tiles. So yes, ray testing if you want to call it that. :)
Unfortunately this is all in C++. :(
I'm not skilled enough in Ruby to port it. I thought about it, but I just don't know how.
- By erisdiscord Date 2010-03-10 03:04
Ah yes, I forget that Gosu is bilingual! I'd love to try my hand at a ruby wrapper for it (a port would probably be slow like my deal was) if it can be isolated from the rest of the game code—and if I can find time for it, although I really ought to be looking for a job right now.
- By Maverick Date 2010-03-10 03:08
It definitely could. It's just geometrical mathematics! It requires nothing else from the game code. Once I fix the current bugs, I'll give you the C code. Don't wait up though. I cannot give an estimate time to when I'll be finished. :)
- By erisdiscord Date 2010-03-10 03:13
Don't hold your breath for a wrapper either—I'm a master procrastinator. :D

We could start a project over on github or something if you're cool with that. Im pretty fond of it myself and I hate to have forgotten code bit-rotting away on my notebook when other people might find it useful. There is a distinct lack of good tile-based collision engines out there.
- By Shinobi Chef Date 2010-03-21 22:18
Hey everyone

Good too see some more entrys :)

only 10 days left now
- By Maverick Date 2010-03-23 14:18
I actually *MIGHT* have something in time! Not the bum game unfortunately (but I will finish it), but definitely something!
- By Shinobi Chef Date 2010-03-25 09:29
Looking forward to seeing what you submit

I will submit the latest version of Arthur's Adventures,sadly I still have a lot of work too do on it until it is finished
as I want to make it a good game and not a rush job :)
- By Maverick Date 2010-03-31 05:24
My entry:
Shoyson - a 2D Platformer


Click Here

--Don't forget to read the About/README !!

Enjoy. :)
- By erisdiscord Date 2010-03-31 16:50
Looks good, but I can't jump while running down slopes. :) More than I could do in four days though!
- By Maverick Date 2010-03-31 18:38 Edited 2010-03-31 18:52
You can, but you're moving fast so there's a small delay.
I probably should have tested a few pixels down because he is moving fast. Ah well. :D
- By erisdiscord Date 2010-03-31 21:06
Using a lower pixel test would also allow you to implement floor-hugging if that's your thing. Sonic the Hedgehog (the original Genesis/MegaDrive game) uses two floor sensors that extend, I believe, nine pixels below Sonic's feet. The engine snaps his feet to ground level if his vertical speed is zero or downward when a sensor detects a solid tile.
- By Maverick Date 2010-04-01 11:49
That's what mine does too. But I didn't take in for account on the speed. If you notice when running down a slope, you have a very small arc. That arc is just enough for the collision detection to not notice. If I tested a few more pixels down (taking account for the speed and all), it wouldn't be a problem.
- By banister Date 2010-04-01 14:33
got source?
- By JA zu Gott Date 2010-04-01 16:17
I fear we will miss the deadline again by a few days. Greetings from Switzerland.
- By Maverick Date 2010-04-02 03:44
Source and Windows version will be ready soon.
"Soon" when I or Julian (or someone!) figures out why Gosu::Color::WHITE is being a jerk to my VC++ 2008 compiler.
- By Maverick Date 2010-04-03 17:47
Windows version still not ready, but here is the source:
Shoyson Source C++

Keep in mind I was VERY sloppy. (If it wasn't obvious since it was all in one source file. :P )
Also, Oracle is almost in Beta so there are still function names to change, things to fix, and what-not. So a lot of getManager() things will be shortened down by a lot and having to set the collision callbacks for *every* level will be gone. But hopefully you get the idea. :D
- By Maverick Date 2010-04-03 17:49 Edited 2010-04-06 22:30
Oh and the source file says "created on 8/12/09". Ignore that. I get lazy and just copy my projects instead of creating them from scratch. I started working on Shoyson on March 27, 2010 at 5:50 pm.
- By banister Date 2010-04-03 18:46
cool, can you release a windows binary too? :D (that way even the linux kids can play it using WINE)
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