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- By philomory Date 2011-05-07 23:45
It's Princess Mystery Dungeon, my LD20 entry!

Basically, this is a Legend-of-Zelda-clone dungeon exploration game with a twist, that twist being that the dungeons are procedurally generated. Unlike, say, a standard roguelike, however, the game has the zelda staples of locked doors and keys, switches to hit, a dungeon treasure to acquire which is necessary to complete the dungeon, and a boss at the end.

Now, given the time constraints of LD48, there's not a ton of thrilling gameplay here yet; there is only one type of enemy (besides the boss), no story to speak of or audio at all, the 'puzzles' are very weak, and the game simply stops after you beat the boss. However, I have quite a few ideas for expanding the game in the future, after LD voting ends. Anyway, suggestions are welcome!

You're more than welcome to peruse the codebase, but I should warn you that it is incredibly sloppy and spaghetti-style and isn't a good example of how to do anything well except get a game done in 48 hours.

Downloads: Windows - Mac OS X - Source
These links contain a version of the game that is identical to the LD20 submission save for the fixing of two crash-to-desktop bugs and the addition of a prompt to start over after you win. For the original LD20 version and associated information, see the LD20 entry page.
Up Topic Gosu / Gosu Showcase / Princess Mystery Dungeon

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