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- - By jlnr (dev) Date 2010-08-23 09:33
Hey folks,

A bit too late for Ludum Dare, but maybe still in time for the wrap-up process for some operating systems, I released Gosu 0.7.23 with the following changelist. Filtered for relevance (at least I hope so) and grouped by similar stuff:

All: Added Window#needs_cursor?/Window::needsCursor() to be able to show the cursor when in editor situations
C++: Added releaseMemory() callback to Gosu::Window that is mainly called on iOS when the OS is low on memory. Proposals for creative uses on other operating systems welcome.
C++: Added Window::loseFocus callback that is mainly called on iOS when the screen is locked.
All: Added Window#flush/Graphics::flush() to flush the current Z queue to OpenGL and start a fresh one. All drawing operations afterwards will inevitably be over the previous ones.
All: Added aroundX, aroundY parameters to Gosu::scale(sx, sy)
C++: Added accelerometerX/Y/Z() methods to Input (returning 0 on non-iPhone platforms), with thanks to PhilCK
Mac: Fixed setMousePos/mouse_x=/mouse_y= on OS X when the window has been shrunk down.
Windows: Removed inappropriate exception when mouseX/Y cannot be refreshed due to locked screen
All: Fixed a channel swapping bug in Image::toBitmap/to_blob.
All: Fixed a crash when formatting a paragraph of text with a word that is wider than the max paragraph width.
All: Fixed an exception when partial formatting strings were rendered.
Mac: Fixed a crash where a USB device would not have a device name (product name)
All: Made clipping operations nestable (also: faster, respects transforms etc.)
All: Added support for negative line spacing, improved some text rendering corners
C++: Finally removed RotFlip completely. If you actually happened to use it: a replacement is available on the forum.
Linux: Fixed MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE, now always 512 (pessimistic value)
C++: Deprecated zImmediate

Of course, the bulk of the work went into the iOS port as with last time, and the first Gosu game has been submitted to the App Store for approval. I hope I can trim the interface down just as much as I had to blow it up in places for smooth iOS coding. :)

Also, if two more people care little enough about their privacy to like Gosu's Facebook page, it can actually apply for an address that is not as crappy. :)

Happy Ludum Dare aftermath everyone. ;)
Parent - By Basic Date 2010-08-23 09:43
oh you submittted your game :)
Parent - - By lol_o2 Date 2010-08-23 11:08
I have a small problem with this new version. It's just working slower for me than the previous!
Parent - By jlnr (dev) Date 2010-08-23 16:01 Edited 2010-08-23 16:03
Is this on Windows? It is the first version I compiled with MSVC Express. Blame my university or MSDNAA for being ridiculously inept beyond belief :(

If this is the source of the problem, I might try to compile Gosu using MSVC 2010 Pro in the future. MSVC 2008 users would still be able to use the generated .lib files, but couldn't compile Gosu themselves anymore.
Parent - By jlnr (dev) Date 2010-08-30 16:16
Yep- MSVC apparently messed up my optimization settings while upgrading. I fixed it and my game is back to normal speed.

However, I get occasional stutters of around one second that I still need to debug. Has anyone else experienced that?
Parent - By erisdiscord Date 2010-08-23 16:12
Julian, you read my mind. I was just discovering for myself that clipping didn't nest and didn't respect transforms. Thank you! :D

flush and needs_cursor? are nice too! I already have a needs_cursor? callback waiting in my framework for you to release it.

Oh, and I am liking the Facebook page as we speak. My profile is pretty much empty so no real privacy concerns there.
Parent - - By RavensKrag Date 2010-08-24 06:07
Unfortunately, the color bug seems to persist for me...  I am using Ubuntu Linux.
Parent - By kyonides Date 2010-08-24 06:25
Yeah, I get it in Kubuntu, too. It said "gl.h ... no" or something like that but it only failed in Ruby 1.9.2, Gosu was correctly installed in 1.8.7 and 1.9.1.
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