Gosu Directory Reference


file  Audio.hpp [code]
 Contains all the classes of Gosu's audio system.
file  Bitmap.hpp [code]
file  Buttons.hpp [code]
file  Color.hpp [code]
 Interface of the Color class.
file  Directories.hpp [code]
 Access to a small set of system paths.
file  Font.hpp [code]
 Interface of the Font class.
file  Fwd.hpp [code]
file  Gosu.hpp [code]
 Umbrella header for all of Gosu.
file  Graphics.hpp [code]
 Interface of the Graphics class.
file  GraphicsBase.hpp [code]
 Contains general typedefs and enums related to graphics.
file  Image.hpp [code]
 Interface of the Image class and helper functions.
file  ImageData.hpp [code]
 Interface of the ImageData class.
file  Input.hpp [code]
file  Inspection.hpp [code]
 A special set of functions designed for tuning Gosu games.
file  IO.hpp [code]
 Contains everything related to input and output.
file  Math.hpp [code]
 Contains simple math functionality.
file  Platform.hpp [code]
 Macros and utility functions to facilitate programming on all of Gosu's supported platforms.
file  Text.hpp [code]
 Functions to output text on bitmaps.
file  TextInput.hpp [code]
 Interface of the TextInput class.
file  Timing.hpp [code]
 Functions for timing.
file  Utility.hpp [code]
file  Version.hpp [code]
file  Window.hpp [code]