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- By BlueScope Date 2012-08-25 16:07
'Power Shift' is the name of a contest game of mine that I turned in to compete for (and actually got) a license for Construct 2, which is a javascript-based game engine you might be aware of. If you're curious, you can still find and play it here (actually, in retrospect, I'm really unhappy about how that game turned out.... but yeah).
I knew back then that there's so much more to that concept than I could pack in this 30-day contest, so I got back to the imaginary sketchboard and decided to work this up with Gosu.

So much for the history, here's some first screens for ya:

This shows the different layers units and buildings will be drawn on: underground, surface, airspace, space. It also shows the position and angle of each planet.

This shows the layering system I'm going to use to draw planets: The planet sprite itself (just the circle with some fancy structure on it), then a planetary glow (this will be enhanced with some mountains/forests/..., however will likely not have any impact on gameplay) and atmosphere in the background (which will also be enhanced by a couple of clouds or something... don't know, all those graphics are half placeholders really - plus the color scheme I had in mind should be much less saturated)

Basic Gameplay Mechanics:

- The driving energy of this battle is fuel, which is not only used to buy units and buildings, but is also necessary to be able to move your units over the battlefield. You have to decide where your resource is invested best.
- Battles will most of the time happen planetary, however a few weapons will actually be able to hit other planets. Your main focus needs to be the two-flank-layout that is present on every planet you occupy.
- Planets will turn, and on some maps even move, so if you plan to shift your units to another planet, you need to find the right moment for that... you don't want to end up in the enemy's camp...

Well, that's a pretty brief overview on things... just to get the word out there, and actually show you something worthwhile after... well, a lot of time in this community without an actual contribution of any kind :D
Maybe it will even encourage jlnr to work on some fullscreen/resizeable window things, as those will be very essential for this (when I'm able to play this on three monitors, I will be very happy :D )

I'd like to get your every input! ^^
Up Topic Gosu / Gosu Showcase / Power Shift - some intergalactical strategy gaming for you!

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