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- - By gosuforum18 Date 2012-04-02 04:32

I recently downloaded Gosu because I am interested in game programming. I have some experience with programming in C++, but I'm not all too familiar with using libraries. I followed the Getting Started on Windows instructions and successfully added the header/library paths for Visual Studios C++ 2008 Express Edition (I think). I was also able to run and compile the sample code for the 640 x 480 pixel window with Hello World caption. However, I was not able to get the tutorial game running and since I'm still relatively new to programming altogether, I'm not sure what the exact error is. I copied the code exactly from the tutorial, though I could also have installed the library improperly. I was wondering if there are other tutorials that can step me through the basics in more detail. Or what I could do to get the tutorial code running.

Thank you.
Parent - - By jlnr (dev) Date 2012-04-02 07:08
Generally, you should find out where to read the exception message. Debugging problems without knowing the error message is really tough. :)

I have a hunch though. You need to make sure that the example resources (the media folder) is in the same directory as the resulting EXE file. Usually you would put the media folder in the same directory as your vcproj file, and then make sure the "per-configuration output directory" is set to '.' (= same folder as the vcproj file).
Parent - - By gosuforum18 Date 2012-04-14 15:55
Hi jlnr,

Thank you for your suggestion. I would actually like to start over from the adding Adding Header/Library Paths section of the Getting Started on Windows tutorial because I believe I made some errors there. Can you possibly tell me how I can reset the changes made in the Adding Header/Library Paths section. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall Visual Studios C++ Express, but the changes remain and I'm not sure how to restore the defaults.

Thank you.
Parent - - By jlnr (dev) Date 2012-04-14 16:43
Sorry, I am not too good with MSVC either. Someone else may be able top copy&paste their values.
Parent - By Maverick Date 2012-04-14 19:29
If you were able to run Hello World, then you're set. It could be a path to the media files that is causing the application to crash.
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