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- By deps Date 2009-10-20 12:56
I started a remake of the classic arcade game Berzerk a couple of weeks ago. And then ippa came along and wanted to join in.
We're now pretty close to completing it. It's written in Ruby and uses Gosu and ippas Chingu framework.

Here is a youtube video of it. The video quality is pretty bad since both youtube and the recording settings made a pretty bad job. (You should probably blaim me for not reviewing the codec settings :P)
The audio sucks since the recording app was unable to record any audio unless it was from the built in microphone. I tried to press the buttons
as gently as I could but it still sounds like someone is tapdancing on top of the keyboard.


It will hopefully be released next week, or so. The definite deadline is on Oct 31.
Windows and OSX binaries will be produced, and source will be released for anyone who would like to take a peek and change it in any way they see fit.
Up Topic Gosu / Gosu Showcase / Berzerk remake

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