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- By simonj Date 2009-08-28 02:18
If any1 is interested I've come up with a very simple solution to create lots of menus, and form elements that can be generated from 2 lines of Ruby code, automatically wrapping text if you want a textbox with multiple lines, max length limited, anywhere in your window, mouse clickable and tab selectable.  although it isnt as advanced as GGlib or the rest  - I can generate lots of forms with incredible ease, 2 files nothing more. Ideal for a quick way to add entry forms for high scores etc, player names.  Saves data into a text file and allows you to load it anywhere in your game/app

I;m creating a football manager game with tons of menus and links to mysql data, but also making the football game itself - simple version (basic automated game play based on player stats).  As a manager (coach the team) and as a football player (play the game). Similar to championship manager but allowing you to take control of 1 player or the full team whilst playing..plz let me know if you can help
- By banister Date 2009-08-28 02:24
nice, where's the source? :)
- By simonj Date 2009-08-28 05:06
Right, I've stripped out tons of the stuff to simplify it to start with so f/b is needed.  Not that I am an expert - learning still but think it could be useful for other to see,

this version is simple tabbing through fields, text wrapping and a couple of menus, its basic, but will show the rest 2morrow in the morning, (today'-  damn its 6.04!!)

You can add text boxes and mouse select them, tab forwards through the form and the items should look ok, fiddle with the font size and it will be ok,

I've given an ugly version but did re mod the rest but to show you all its gonna take a few more hours....

this was working nicely to show basics for others to improve, help me and point me in the right direction

cheers, i;ve had fun, must get some sleepppppp!!!!!!!! :-)
- By simonj Date 2009-08-28 05:10
yep, i know that the $, @ are allover the place, not ideal - later version is cleaner, OO driven, fonts and use of other things etc, dont worry just see what you thinkl!!!!!!!!!!
- By banister Date 2009-08-28 05:17
hehe :) sleep well
- By simonj Date 2009-08-28 05:21
darn it uploaded the wrong zippy, oooohhhh im tired z.. z.z.z z.zz -gonna get some kip and then sort it out l8rz!
- By disciplex Date 2009-08-28 11:23
That sounds pretty cool! I would definitely be interested in playing a football manager game. I stopped playing Championship Manager once it got far too involved and complicated. I remember the golden days of CM93/94 :)

You should sort out a repo for your code, Github possibly?
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