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- By Quit Date 2009-07-01 16:51
Chuadrat, swiss german for a square as somebody with a broken 'R' would pronounce it, is a simple version of Dots & Boxes, or something like that. It's a 2 player game that works over the internet. Its multiplayer has been tested by me and some friends. It includes a random map generator ('R' while in hosting state), you are also allowed to import own maps (15 lines à 20 chars max, 'X' for "square", everything else for empty space, \n is the definition for the next line, \r is ignored, Drag-Drop into the window while in hosting state).

How to play:
You need 2 instances of the program. Both can be on the same machine but don't have to. You can play over the internet with your friend without problems as long as the host has forwarded TCP 13458. The network part is currently in re-development to allow more players and even spectators. As host you can type in your name with clicking on the 'Lokaler Spieler' widget and type in a new. It won't be saved at the moment. Same goes for the IP when you are joining. As soon as you hit 'Join' you will connect and the game will start.

A person will be chosen to begin. You can click a not-yet-drawn-side and it will be drawn. If you draw the fourth side of a square, you get a point. And that's what you do the whole game: Draw sides.

If you draw a side and get a point you can draw one more side, as long as you do points. If you draw without getting a point, the other is able to draw.

You play until there's no square left undrawn. The number left is your score, the number right your partner's. The number in the middle shows the empty squares.

As of now I don't plan to make it OpenSource, you have to life with the Windows compiled version.
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- By jlnr (dev) Date 2009-07-01 19:19 Edited 2009-07-01 19:21
Woah, first published, networked Gosu game and just when I don't have access to Windows >_> Did any of your friends suffer from color blindness? Looks like it's pretty hard then ;)

(You should embed the screenshot I think)
- By Quit Date 2009-07-02 10:23

>Did any of your friends suffer from color blindness?

As of now the colors are created randomly. As soon as I've implemented Widgets::Slider there will be an option for that ;). The red side is by the way the last drawn.

>Looks like it's pretty hard then ;)

Sometimes it's hard to see, I agree.

>(You should embed the screenshot I think)

Oops, I've forgotten that.
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