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- By kyonides Date 2022-03-10 00:43
Steps to Include the Arrow Making Script in GIMP
Works in GIMP 2.10!

First of all, download the ZIPPED script.

You know what to do with a ZIP file, right? Winking

Then take a look at the menu bar. You should find the Scripts location if you look in:

Edit -> Preferences -> Folders

There it should list your scripts folder(s) one after another.

How they look like might depend on what OS you are currently working on. Confused

Make sure you have placed the SCM file there. Happy with a sweat

How to Use the Script?

First go make a PATH with just two points

Then invoke the script by going to:

Tools -> Arrow...

A new window will open where you can change the default settings.

Click OK and you will see how GIMP makes a new arrow for you! Grinning

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