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- By D3nX Date 2018-01-17 11:52
Hello guy, D3nX there !

So today I would present a game that I made with my friends for the french game jam #3 (chrismas special edition) using Ruby, Gosu and NeoGame (version 0.3, now disponible on Github -> !
The story is basicly a yeti who is grumpy but also hungry, and he live in top of a very very high mountain, so help to him to go far as possible to get food !

This game is a casual one. Also, by this game we have winned the game jam !!

So for myself, I entierly code the game and done the game design, one of my friend done some sprites and my other friend done the musics.

So here some screenshot :

Here the jam page :
And finally here the game page :

We hope you l'ill enjoy it !
Up Topic Gosu / Gosu Showcase / Yeti Runner

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