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- By Maverick Date 2009-05-17 20:25 Edited 2010-02-18 21:29
I've heard of Ruby and was interested in it but never got to it. I've always used C++. Since I'm having a time getting Gosu and C++ to be nice to each other while jlnr fixes that, I decided to buckle down, learn Ruby, and do something cool with Ruby and Gosu.
So three days ago I downloaded the Ruby IDE and Gosu for Ruby and found a few tutorials. Overall I'm amazed at Ruby's simplicity to make things work. It's actually kind of fun too. So in three days I can already make games in it. :]

Anyway, I made Captain Ruby the ability to wall-jump. For those who don't know, wall-jumping is where the character's vertical speed is greatly dampened and the character "latches" and slides down the wall emitting dust particles. At the wall-jumping position, the character can launch off of the wall and reach other platforms. I hope you like. :]

Download link: "Total Downloady Linkage"

*Link updated thanks to Darhkael. 02/18/10
- By jlnr (dev) Date 2009-05-17 22:35
Awesome, is the code available? :)
- By Maverick Date 2009-05-17 23:05
I plan to release it soon. I've been busy so I haven't commented it yet. Also, I need to change horizontal movement a tad. I want the character to arc upwards when jumping off of a wall Megaman X style. Shouldn't take long but I haven't gotten to that yet. :]
- By Maverick Date 2009-05-18 00:15 Edited 2009-05-18 00:27
^Code is hosted there for 24 hours or so

Oh yeah... you're going to need the new graphics for O' Captain my Captain ( Captain Ruby )
- By jlnr (dev) Date 2009-05-18 00:47
I took the liberty to attach the PNG file to this post. This uploader thingie site is weird :) I also had to copy Smoke.png to dust.png to get it to work.

But I like it. I planned to extend the CptnRuby example that ships with Gosu, and maybe rename it, because I want to port it to C++ too. (Or should they just have different names?) So if you ever build proper graphics and want to put them under the MIT license, let me know :)
- By Maverick Date 2009-05-18 01:26 Edited 2009-05-18 01:29
Oh crap! I forgot about the dust.png! All I did was take Smoke.png and made it half its size. :p
If you'd like when this whole animation thing is resolved, I could port the tutorial over to C++ for you. I also make graphics ( albeit cartoony. Not bad. Just cartoony. They are nothing like my avatar. My avatar was a two minute job. ;p ) so I could do that as well. Giving him a different name wouldn't be a bad idea either. What would it be? Captain C? C++?

Also, where's the attached png file?
- By Shinobi Chef Date 2009-05-18 04:15
Yeh where is the png files,As I cant access the website with the png's only the code sitesite
as im at work and they block certain stuff :(
- By jlnr (dev) Date 2009-05-18 09:23
Just attached the PNG file. I seem to suffer from Forgotten Attachment Syndrome even on the web :)

But you can attach files too, just post and then click the "Attach" link afterwards.

And cartoony graphics sound awesome. The current graphics are the result of having a 1h platformer competition, then going over everything with Photoshop, but I should just have started from scratch ;)
- By Maverick Date 2009-06-14 05:55
The file with everything you need is now re-uploaded on the top post. Thanks ShinobiChef for the drop-box!
- By ? Date 2009-06-19 03:39
Cake is currently 404. Can you post the code somewhere? It's currently a lie (MIA).
- By Maverick Date 2009-06-19 04:00
You must first sacrifice the companion cube to download cake. ( I'll fix it... )
- By Maverick Date 2009-06-20 20:15
The link is finally fiixed. Enjoy wall-jumping!
- By Maverick Date 2010-02-17 21:26
Well damn! My hosts went down on both links. Anyone have the wall jumping code? If they'd be so kind to upload it for me. :(
- By Dahrkael Date 2010-02-17 23:12
i have it!
Attachment: (35k)
- By Maverick Date 2010-02-18 21:27
Why thank you kind sir.
- By ippa Date 2010-02-20 19:50
walljump ftw!
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