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- By Maimer Date 2014-09-25 23:20
This project is unfinished, but feel free to mess around with it as everything currently in the game is full functional.

Git Repo:

The game, in it's current form, has you controlling a spaceship and allows you to fire missiles.  As the game progresses, asteroids spawn randomly off screen and have a randomized size, speed, direction, and rotation.  The longer the game goes on, the more asteroids spawn.  Asteroids can be destroyed by shooting them with missiles.  The ship is given full "space" physics in that it has conservation of momentum.  Asteroid collisions are mass based and fully elastic and the collisions between the ship and asteroids are also massed based, but slightly less than fully elastic.  Currently, there is a display of the ship's current speed, total number of asteroids destroyed and the ship's health.  The ship's health decreases based on asteroid collisions and the amount of health lost is proportional to the speed of collisions as well as the mass of the asteroid collided with.  However, when the ship reaches zero health, currently nothing happens.

Here are some screenshots from in game:

Up Topic Gosu / Gosu Showcase / Synaptic Sugar - Space Shooter

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