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- - By nicktitle Date 2014-01-15 04:30

The whole thing is available on github, open sourced, with my original soundtrack.
It looks like this!

Have fun, check it out if you'd like, and feel free to give me any feedback you might have.

Parent - - By jahmaican Date 2014-01-21 12:52
Hi, I tried your game and must admit it was tricky to get it to work. Some of these things might be related with me using gosu 1.9 and not 2.0 as recommended, but you might want to double check it.
First of all, I had to convert all mp3's to ogg (gosu likes to be fussy about this). Then I got NilClass error in Particle class (line 68), fixed it by adding rescue nil at the end but I don't really think it's the right solution.
The game started, but there's still another problem - most texts don't fit on the screen (screenshots).

Other than that, it's a cool idea that looks good and plays good. I love the particle effects!
Parent - - By nicktitle Date 2014-01-24 16:39
Thanks for the kind words, and especially the tech feedback! I'd only been working on Mac and have a lot of work to do before I move out properly to linux and windows.
I'm trying to get releasy up and running so I can get everything packaged nicely, but will move to ogg today so I can get that out of the way.

Do you have any idea why the fonts would display so large for you? I'm not sure why that would be an error with fixed font-point on everything.
Parent - By jahmaican Date 2014-01-24 21:51
I have no clue at the moment, even though I was playing a bit with your code. My notebook's resolution is limited do 1366x768 so I can't test it in proper 1200x900 but I doubt it'd change anything.

I have one more suggestion though about scaling factors. Your game's aspect ratio is 4:3 and you use scaling by width. Run it in 16:9 res fullscreen and the bottom part won't fit. You might either use separate @scale_width and @scale_height factors (this will use the entire screen but with funny proportions) or just scaling by height (proper proportions but part of the screen will be empty).
Up Topic Gosu / Gosu Showcase / Starfield - a story about your space ship, a radio, and a se

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