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In Response to jlnr
This is a pretty big release, with commits going back all the way to 2017.

All text rendering has been rewritten to use stb_truetype instead of platform-specific APIs. This means text will look subtly different than in Gosu 0.13, but it will now be much more consistent across platforms.

I have also made markup parsing (<b>This is bold</b>, <c=ff0000>this is red</c>) more explicit by introducing new methods: Font#draw_markup, Font#draw_markup_rel, Font#markup_width, Image.from_markup. The existing methods will stop parsing markup in Gosu 1.0. If you want to keep using the markup feature, you should use the markup methods from now on.

One new feature that I'm sure many users will appreciate is Gosu.render(width, height) {}, which can render arbitrary Gosu code to a new texture and return it as a Gosu::Image.

And then there are a few bug fixes for macOS that were long overdue.

Other changes:

• Ruby: Gosu::Font#initialize now accepts style parameters, e.g., bold: true, italic: false). Unlike in earlier versions of Gosu, Font is not bold by default.
• macOS: Compatibility with macOS 10.14 Mojave
• Ruby: Image.from_markup/Image.from_text now supports alignment: :center, alignment: :right, and the spacing: parameter even when there is no width: parameter.
• C++: The interface for rendering text has changed completely, please look at Gosu/Text.hpp to see the new set of available functions.
• iOS: Support for Gosu::TextInput on iOS.
• Ruby: Remove support for Ruby 1.8-2.2 on Windows. Ruby 1.9 through 2.2 are still supported on macOS and Linux while I'm working to update (fix) the CI.

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