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Topic Game sound effects By Mings Date 2012-03-05 02:26
Cool, thanks for the info! I'll look into ludumdare.

Yes the archery sounds are fantastic, it was just a shame (at least for the purposes of recording) that it was in a forest and so there was quite a lot of background noise generated by the trees in the wind, but the twang of the bow and the thud as it hit sound great. I guess you could call the wind 'atmospheric' were they used.

Animal sounds would be fun to make, especially in terms of what I was looking to achieve - faking sounds rather than making sounds. Listening back to various engine sounds, it seems like a vacuum cleaner, distorted guitar or even an espresso machine edited appropriately could trick of the ear to produce convincing engine sounds. I'd be keen to try the animal sounds and have a friend who is great at voice acting so at the least I could record him screeching like a gibbon or something. Let me know what animal sounds and I could try sending some rough versions through to see what you think
Topic Game sound effects By Mings Date 2012-03-03 09:03
Hehe, thought it would be better to post a new topic for this. I'm very much a beginner at programming (and forum use). I'd initially looked into making a streets of rage style game in ruby as a coder friend of mine espoused the beauty of ruby language - he suggested starting at gosu. Unfortunately I was pulled into flash (and actionscript) by the animator.

Suffice to say, that project has not gone forward but I have seen the error of my ways and would like to put it to any coders who (a) would like to collaborate on ruby game ideas (b) would like sound effects for games (c) would like music for games. Sound recording is more where my knowledge lies, and as I posted on Maverick's thread, I have some cool toys that I'd like to put to use. Already have recorded archery sounds, shotguns, planes, it would be great to put such things to use.
Topic Music for your little games By Mings Date 2012-02-28 08:03
Hello, I don't mean to cut into your thread but I'd also be interested in making music for games, and in particular have a new toy to play with (a field recorder) so if anyone needs some sound effects or the likes I'd like to try my hand at it! Let me know

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