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Topic Gosu 0.14.0 released By kjarrigan Date 2018-09-18 08:09
Thanks @jlnr for the hard work. A long awaited release.

Sorry for not beeing active lately. But now that my probation period on my new company comes to an end and I'm getting used to my new timetable I hope to at least finish the open drawing PR in a reasonable time.
Topic Survey about Gems and Rubyversion By kjarrigan Date 2018-03-27 07:15
Hey lol_o2,

thats acutally really sad new. Liked your games quite a lot - I tested Godot ages ago. Looked quite promising but had some issues. But 3.0 sounds like I should give it a second chance ;-) ( maybe it surprises me like Blender - my first steps ages ago were really painfull but the in the latest release I can acutally create something :-p ).

I can't change the speed of development altough I try to help jlnr a bit here and there and releasing a Gosu Game on Steam or Switch seems way out of reach but I hope maybe you come back here now and then to show us you games (I always liked you Showcases). It is a Gosu-Forum but I guess there is no hard rule against Showcasing a Godot-Game which is based on a idea first made in Gosu ;-)

Really eager to see your next game (no matter what lib its based on).

Topic Survey about Gems and Rubyversion By kjarrigan Date 2018-03-16 19:23
Thanks for you response. Good to know that it works more or less out of the box. Can you explain / share a bit more what you had to port? I'll try to write for a few of these gems unit tests and enable the CI to see if it works in all major platforms with newer Ruby versions. Ideally I can even make them compatible but I haven't really used any of those. So we'll see. Do you like any feature of those gems in particular (maybe something gosu should provide out of the box?)
Topic Survey about Gems and Rubyversion By kjarrigan Date 2018-03-16 09:08
Hi Guys,

just wanted to know what your "typical" gosu setup is. e.g.:
- what OS are you using (Windows, mac, Linux)?
- do you use the C++ or Ruby-Version?
- what Ruby version are you using (and if its "older" why?)
- what Gems you usually use together with Gosu (e.g. opengl, chipmunk, ashton, ....)
- what of those gems aren't Ruby 2.x compatible yet / or what gems you wished would work with latest ruby to use them with gosu.

I'm interested especially in the latter, because Gosu 1.0 will eventually drop support for older ruby versions and I want to know what tools couldn't be used then anymore (if no one makes them Ruby 2.x+ compatible).

Topic SpaceRace - USSR vs USA By kjarrigan Date 2018-03-13 08:39
Cool that your still working on more. I don't know if I can follow your Trello (my french is a bit rusty and my time is a bit limit) but feel free to update this topic, whenever you want another test-run of your current game :-)

The "need artist" thing is something I experienced quite a bit myself. I have an image in my head how it would look cool but my skills are a bit limit. So I lately experimented with Blender (my 3d skills are definitely better than my 2d art) and creating a low poly image there and then render it to a 2d image. I found this tutorial really good - simple and well made:
Although the style is special I quite like it ;-)
Attachment: low_poly_v1.png (278k)
Topic SpaceRace - USSR vs USA By kjarrigan Date 2018-03-09 10:44
Hey again,

played a bit more and have some gameplay questions:

- Can I win somehow or just run for the Highest Score?
- When I collect boosters sometimes I get the fancy Overlay (I especially like the swirl!!!) but sometimes not. I guess its because I am still in the "boosted" state but its not exactly clear when the booster is over. Maybe you could do some visual to show that I'm back to normal? e.g. Add "fire" to your rockets jetpack if its boosted.
- The Score is a bit confusing. Distance traveled - totally clear. "Game Score: 298 Meters"? What does that mean?

- A Scoreboard would be cool to see how I did in the previous runs
- Maybe move the text in the buttons just a bit to the right. It looks a bit cramped.
- Change the booster visuals. The red cross reminds me of "get health/life" instead of fly fast as hell.
- Add a +1 Life booster or maybe as a reward for some "milestones" like get +1 every 10.000m traveled.
- Improve the contrast of the textbar. The red on gray is a bit hard to read on certain lighting conditions
- Make the shield you get with the superbooster a bit more visible. Took me a bit to actually notice the small white line around the ship. maybe change the color and add a bit of distance between shield and ship.

Back to the coding-style-suggestions - Its totally fine if you follow your own style within your own code, but if you at some point in the future might want to contribute to the ruby community or maybe work at a game with someone else following the community style is helpful ;-) And there is no need to actually change the code in your running game. I used quite some global variables in my game(approaches) too or just have a couple ow files "all over the place" but at some point it became inconvenient and I looked for alternatives. Now when I start from scratch I have developed some best practices for my personal workflow. So I guess just go on and maybe in your next games try to do some things differently.

So and thats a perfect transition to the unanswered but most important question ;-) => any other games planned?

PS: My best distance travelled so far ~ 40.000m
Topic SpaceRace - USSR vs USA By kjarrigan Date 2018-03-07 12:14
Hey D3nX,

I just played a bit and the game looks quite good. Just a few notes:

Your Ruby doesn't look really rubyish ;-) e.g
- dont use emtpy brackets () after methods without parameters
- then is only used if you write the code in the same line as the condition like if (true) then x = 1 end and in that case we usually write the condition behind the code like you did at some places. e.g. x = 1 if true
- class methods are called with a dot(.) too like Game.as_seconds and not Game::as_seconds
- I don't like to argue about intendation (besides using two spaces instead of tabs) but you could be a bit more consistent. Most code ist aligned, but some ifs aren't which kinda "pokes me in the eye"
- use require_relative 'animation' over require './animation.rb'
- you use quite a lot of global variables which in most languages is considered bad practice. I think at least the menu*-music ones could be dropped. As far as I understood it you use them to play the sample infinetly as long as the menu is open. You should look into which play the song in a loop forever.
- I personally would also move some files in subdirectories like all states to states/ and the rest to lib/

I found one "bug" so far -> you require './animation.rb' but the file is called Animation.rb which is no problem on Windows but nearly every other OS where filenames are Case-sensitive. After renaming it worked fine.

Performance - I think I noticed some delays every few seconds but haven't looked deeper into it. Might do that this evening if I got some spare minutes.

You can look at if you want although that are only guidelines (there are quite a few I personally don't agree). But if you're new to ruby you could fetch quite some nice tricks and syntactic sugar from it.

If you didn't know - there is a freely available "Gosu Book" which described the creation of a game in gosu quite good and you can find quite some nice tricks and ideas for all kinds of things (there are for example topics about GameStates, PowerUps, Statistics and Performance) -

Otherwise good job. Yeti Runner a few weeks later SpaceRace - you seem to enjoy it. Some more in your pipeline?


PS: Your game was a nice testsuite for my current "screenshots for gosu" extension ;-)
Topic Issue with Opengl By kjarrigan Date 2018-02-20 14:31
Well "finding" the opengl maintainer isn't that hard - it's my coworker lars: but he doesn't do anything other than "keep it running"

Quote - *Attention*: This project is in maintenance mode. It might receive bug fixes or adjustments for new Ruby versions, but no new features (like support for newer OpenGL versions).

But just some days ago he stumbled across a "new" opengl gem: He alreadys switch some of our company internal gui's to the new binding and mentioned that it worked quite well. There are less comfort ruby-like functions but the transition was really easy and due to its usage of the Khronos XML API it supports even newer opengl versions. Haven't really looked into the code yet (just came back from a month long holiday), but he was quite satisfied with this gem so you might give it a try.

Topic Trying a simple Atlantis remake By kjarrigan Date 2016-09-08 13:02
Hi there!

I tried the game unter Ubuntu 14.04 64bit and it works - as far as I can tell. When I finally lost all my buildings the background is flickering like crazy and no Game Over Screen appears. Is this intended?

As far as the code goes I I just have two comments with highly personal preference:
1) You could add a Gemfile with your dependencies. Sure there are just the two (gosu and chipmunk) but at least for me it's the basic instinct that runs bundle install right after cloning an git-Repository ;-)
2) You use tabs to intend the code. I prefer two spaces - it's more readable (for example in the github-Viewer).

Otherwise nice work and I'm kind of jealous, as your first sentence perfectly describes my situation. Started like 10 games but never actually finished as my goals were to ambitious. Currently I'm working on something new. Much simpler this time - wich me luck :-)
Topic [] Can't set an avatar By kjarrigan Date 2016-06-17 11:44

I read the forum for quite a while and now I finally registered. One of the first things I tried was setting an avatar through profile >> avatar, but I get the following error:

Image::Info module not available.

Thanks in advance,

PS: Don't now if Gosu Exchange is the right place, but the other options doesn't fit as well and there is no "Issue" tracker @
Topic How's Gosu Work In Mobile Game By kjarrigan Date 2016-06-17 08:55
Android is not supported right now.

Thats not true, I think?! A few days ago I finally was motivated enough to do some Android App stuff. As I don't like Java that much I found Ruboto and in the examples a topic about running Gosu.

Is this a real thing. Did someone has experiences with that?

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