File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
 Audio.hppContains all the classes of Gosu's audio system
 AutoLink.hppContains pragmas that make MSVC link against all the necessary libraries automatically
 Bitmap.hppInterface of the Bitmap class
 Color.hppInterface of the Color class
 Directories.hppAccess to a small set of system paths
 Font.hppInterface of the Font class
 Fwd.hppContains forward declarations of all of Gosu's available classes
 Gosu.hppUmbrella header for all of Gosu
 Graphics.hppInterface of the Graphics class
 GraphicsBase.hppContains general typedefs and enums related to graphics
 Image.hppInterface of the Image class and helper functions
 ImageData.hppInterface of the ImageData class
 Input.hppInterface of the Input class
 Inspection.hppA special set of functions designed for tuning Gosu games
 IO.hppContains everything related to input and output
 Math.hppContains simple math functionality
 Platform.hppMacros and utility functions to facilitate programming on all of Gosu's supported platforms
 Text.hppFunctions to output text on bitmaps
 TextInput.hppInterface of the TextInput class
 Timing.hppFunctions for timing
 Utility.hppGeneral purpose utility functions
 Window.hppInterface of the Window class