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- - By RavensKrag Date 2012-05-25 00:33
So I am coming to the realization that packaging C extensions is quite annoying stuff.

How can I package the opengl2 gem into a .app with Gosu?
Parent - - By jlnr (dev) Date 2012-05-25 01:41
1. Install it on Ruby 1.9.2 on every OS that you want to support. (64bit/32bit/PowerPC… - generally if you build on an older OS X, it will work on a newer OS X too, but not vice versa.) I use rvm for this.

2. Change the install name of the libruby.1.9.1 reference in each architecture: install_name_tool -change full_path_of_ruby191_dylib @executable_path/../Frameworks/libruby.1.9.1.dylib path_of_opengl2_bundle

3. Grab the .bundle files thate are built and merge them with lipo -create … to create a universal binary core.

4. Throw them in lib in the .app wrapper.

I couldn't manage to compile the old ruby-opengl on either platform last time I built the .app. I'll try to include `ruby-opengl next time, but don't hold your breath since the .app build process is crazy complicated. I actually want to factor it out of the main repository too, so that might take a while.
Parent - - By RavensKrag Date 2012-05-27 00:01
Thanks.   So I assume the @executable_path part is actually supposed to be like that?

Yeah, apparently the old ruby-opengl gem is depreciated (or at least it's not being worked on).  I assume that it's been that way for a while, which is why Debian (and by extension Ubuntu) switched to vendoring their own version through their repositories.
Parent - By jlnr (dev) Date 2012-05-27 03:11
Yep, there are several @special_paths that can be used in dylib identifiers. And of course, is your friend while figuring out why the .app does not start.
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