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- - By kcs Date 2020-06-05 11:49
I have always remembered how I enjoyed playing Battle City when I was a child. Gosu has now made it possible for me to build a similar game. This is the first game I've ever built and has taken much longer than I expected. At present, Battle City I contains one level. Hopefully, in the future, I will be able to develop several levels with interesting map design, perhaps through collaborative efforts? Comments and feedbacks are most welcome.

Here is the github link:

Attachment: screenshot.png (157k)
Parent - - By jlnr (dev) Date 2020-06-06 15:23
For collaboration and feedback, the Gosu Discord server might be the best place right now:

Out of curiosity, I saw you've used Gosu::Button::KbLeft etc. for the button constants. They have been renamed to Gosu::KbLeft a long time ago, and to Gosu::KB_LEFT recently. Where did you still find the old names?
Parent - By jlnr (dev) Date 2020-06-06 15:23
Also, the explosion animation looks really good. But as someone who hasn't played the original game, I found it hard to tell when I could shoot again :<
Parent - By kcs Date 2020-06-07 07:25 Edited 2020-06-07 13:03
Thanks for pointing that out. The reason I used the old syntax was partly because I was learning with an old tutorial I found on the web ( I will change it to the current syntax.

Regarding the cannon blast frequency, because it is controlled by the code logic which specifies that cannon can only be re-launched either when it is outside the screen or when it is neutralised after hitting the enemy tank or a brick. Thus, it cannot fire multiple shots to be too powerful. In this case, the short distance attack is more advantageous.

I hope you have enjoyed playing the game :)).

I have had a discord account for a while. Now it is a good time to be more active!
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