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- - By Fractional Date 2014-05-27 14:21


Use left and right arrow keys to move
Space to shoot

Up next:
GUI System
AI Scripting System

Any feedback is welcome! :)
Parent - - By jellymann Date 2014-05-29 17:34
It's very smooth, and I like the artwork. I didn't come across anything dangerous in the game, and tried shooting at the ammo and (I'm assuming) health pickups before I figured out what they were. I assume enemies are yet to be added?

The controls are a bit too responsive, I could hardly control the ship precisely and often found myself flailing about between each edge of the screen.

I couldn't initially run it because there were issues with filename case-sensitivity. I fixed it and submitted a pull-request for your approval.

Keep it up :) I enjoy retro space-shooters, I used to play one when I was a kid (forgot it's name now unfortunately, and I really miss it!). Looking forward to see how this one unfolds.
Parent - By Fractional Date 2014-08-16 16:54
Hello Jellymann,

Thank you for the reply and the pull-request. Sorry for a late reply, I assumed this forum was dead. Your pull-request will be added as soon as I figure out how. A early version of enemy has been added which can dodge player projectiles. The controls responsive level has been decreased to improve on the smoothness of the game. As you might have noticed when you played the game, the projectiles accelerated at a 'super' speed. This has now been fixed to further increase the game's smoothness.

Best regards,

Up Topic Gosu / Gosu Showcase / Spaceshooter - The retro spaceshooter!

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