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- By lobo_tuerto Date 2009-08-03 02:47
Alright, I took my "old" Metris project and refactored the code.

It's called Rubytris now, and it lives on GitHub, so you can easily clone the repository and checkout the code with:

Or just visit the project's page here:

Refactoring brought:
* The one-long file has been broken into various files, it's been translated to English (comments & in-game text).
* Decoupled a lot of methods (will keep working on this next weekend).
* Simplified a lot of methods, easier to understand now.
* Some ideas and planned features.

Any comments will be appreciated! :)
- By jblovloss Date 2009-08-09 05:11
Nice =) I didnt see the old one so I dunno how profound the changes are, but even if the game itself is exactly the same, refactoring is always a good idea.
- By lobo_tuerto Date 2009-08-10 04:17
Yup, refactoring is your friend! :)

It keeps, the code readable and maintainable.
I think I will declare the Rubytris done by now.

I'm getting into an interesting project:
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