File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
o*Audio.hppContains all the classes of Gosu's audio system
o*AutoLink.hppContains pragmas that make MSVC link against all the necessary libraries automatically
o*Bitmap.hppInterface of the Bitmap class
o*Color.hppInterface of the Color class
o*Directories.hppAccess to a small set of system paths
o*Font.hppInterface of the Font class
o*Fwd.hppContains declarations of all of Gosu's available classes
o*Gosu.hppUmbrella header for lazy people with fast compilers, or pre-compiled headers
o*Graphics.hppInterface of the Graphics class
o*GraphicsBase.hppContains general typedefs and enums related to graphics
o*Image.hppInterface of the Image class and helper functions
o*ImageData.hppInterface of the ImageData class
o*Input.hppInterface of the Input class
o*Inspection.hppA special set of functions designed for tuning Gosu games
o*IO.hppContains everything related to input and output
o*Math.hppContains simple math functionality
o*Platform.hppMacros and utility functions to facilitate programming on all of Gosu's supported platforms
o*Sockets.hppInterface of the three socket classes, MessageSocket, CommSocket and ListenerSocket
o*Text.hppFunctions to output text on bitmaps
o*TextInput.hppInterface of the TextInput class
o*Timing.hppFunctions for timing
o*TR1.hppIncludes all parts of C++03 (TR1) that are relevant for Gosu
o*Utility.hppGeneral purpose utility functions
o*Window.hppInterface of the Window class
\*WinUtility.hppContains some functions which are used to implement Gosu on Windows and might be useful for advanced users who try to integrate Gosu in a Win32 application