Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Gosu::BitmapRectangular area of pixels, each represented by a Color value
Gosu::BufferPiece of memory with the Resource interface
Gosu::ButtonVery lightweight class that identifies a button (keyboard, mouse or other device)
Gosu::ColorRepresents an RGBA color value with 8 bits for each channel
Gosu::CommSocketWraps a TCP socket that is used for one part of bi-directional communication
Gosu::FileFile with the Resource interface
Gosu::FontA font can be used to draw text on a Graphics object very flexibly
Gosu::GLTexInfoContains information about the underlying OpenGL texture and the u/v space used for image data
Gosu::GraphicsServes as the target of all drawing and provides primitive drawing functionality
Gosu::ImageProvides functionality for drawing rectangular images
Gosu::ImageDataAbstract base class for drawable images
Gosu::InputManages initialization and shutdown of the input system
Gosu::ListenerSocketWraps a TCP socket that waits on a specific port and can create CommSocket instances via its onConnection event
Gosu::MessageSocketWraps an UDP socket
Gosu::ReaderUtility class that points to a specific position in a resource and offers an interface for sequential reading
Gosu::ResourceBase class for resources
Gosu::SampleA sample is a short sound that is completely loaded in memory, can be played multiple times at once and offers very flexible playback parameters
Gosu::SampleInstanceAn instance of a Sample playing
Gosu::SongSongs are less flexible than samples in that they can only be played one at a time and without panning or speed parameters
Gosu::TextInputTextInput instances are invisible objects that build a text string from input, using the current operating system's keyboard layout
Gosu::TouchStruct that saves information about a touch on the surface of a multi- touch device
Gosu::WindowConvenient all-in-one class that serves as the foundation of a standard Gosu application
Gosu::WriterUtility class that points to a specific position in a resource and offers an interface for sequential writing